I Didn’t Bake That!

by annecalista

So this is a new blog for me, but I did write one before this.  I got bored with it.  I was kind of trying to copy the style of some blogs I was reading at the time, but after awhile I realized that I was bored with my writing.  I had gotten so far into it that I felt like I had to keep going with it, keep writing about my daily life, my workouts, my everyday breakfasts and lunches.  But this is a new start for me. A new vision.  Very dramatic.

I was thinking today about the fabulous dinner I had planned for tonight.  I made reservations for my favorite fancy restaurant (which I’ve only been to once before) because it’s Restaurant Week, and that’s a great excuse to go have a fancy dinner for a reasonable price. (Do you have Restaurant Week where you live? It’s a beautiful thing).   I knew I’d want to talk about the dinner on my blog, or at the very least I’d want to talk about the dessert, so I decided right then and there that I’d occasionally write posts about things I didn’t bake.  Gasp!

Here you have it.  I didn’t bake that, but I ate it!

This was the first option for dessert on the Restaurant Week menu: German Chocolate Beet Brownie with milk chocolate frosting, orange whipped cream and candied orange.  Oh my my.  I tried two bites of this and each time I was pleasantly reminded that I wasn’t eating chocolate cake but a decadent, chewy, not-too-sweet brownie with frosting on top.

Second choice (and my choice):  Indian pudding with homemade whipped cream and a golden raisin sauce.  This was spicy and creamy and perfect for a fall dessert.  It reminded me of the parfaits I would make as a kid using Jell-o pudding and canned whipped cream, layering the two in a glass to make it seem fancy.  Same flavor ideas, much classier execution.  Dessert perfection.

Dinner, by the way, before these amazing desserts, was a salted cod salad with Brussels sprouts, cippolinis, pancetta and heirloom squash followed by a truffled squash risotto with poached lobster.

A girl could get used to this.

-Anne Calista