Homemade Hummus Pizza

by annecalista

So I invested in a CSA share this winter.  If you don’t know what that is, I’ll tell ya.  You pay a farm a certain amount for a share of their crops for a few months.  The farm I chose  does quarterly shares, so mine goes from December to March.  Perfect timing, just the part of the year where I have a hard time getting motivated for much of anything.  This way, I just go and pick up my share every week, I’m supplied with great organic produce through the winter (I have had to supplement it a bit by buying a few items here and there), and my grocery shopping is super simplified.  This week it consisted of picking up some almond milk, bananas, lemons, and chocolate.

If there were such thing as a chocolate CSA, however, I would be the first one to sign up.

My CSA also includes grain items, since this farm grows its own grain and produces flour and bread products through a local bakery.  Last week I got some pizza dough!  This is what I made out of it.

First I whipped up some red pepper hummus.  This entailed dumping some chickpeas, olive oil, nut butter (just a scoop), roasted red peppers, garlic, salt and pepper into a food processor and letting it do its thing for a few minutes.  I did have to stop it once or twice to stir it.  The hummus then became my pizza sauce! Hey, don’t knock it.  If you like hummus, you’ll like a hummus pizza.  If you don’t like hummus, you’re probably really into buffalo chicken subs or something. Forget you.  I kid.  Eat your buffalo sub.  Then try a hummus pizza, please.

Then I just had to chop a leek, and it was while I was doing that that I realized that leeks are one of my favorite foods.  They’re like yellow onion’s tall, thin, blonde cousin.  Super sweet and so beautiful! I love the bright green color and the circular shape. I also threw some chopped kale and tempeh onto the pizza.  Didn’t even have to cook the tempeh beforehand, it got cooked right along with the pizza and turned out wonderfully.

This pizza filled me up and made me smile on a dark, damp January day.  And it didn’t need any napkin-dabbing! No grease!

I think napkin-dabbing of pizza is the silliest looking thing that one can do in a restaurant. Just so you know.

Anne Calista